Ustaazh Rasheed Mudathir is a Nigerian by nationality who resides in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State. He is a graduate of Arabic School of Nigeria situated at Elekuro, a popular domain in Ibadan. He is also a graduate of a well-known university of Ibadan where he studied English language as a course and graduated with good grade. Ustaazh Rasheed Mudathir is a language teacher who has indepth knowledge of Arabic and Islamic languages. The founder of this great school is a well known public speaker in various topics in Islam and has delivered series of lectures in different gatherings of Muslims in different states and institution of Nigeria. He has taught Arabic language, Fiqh, hadeeth, faraid etc. since the inception of the school till date. Abu labeeb has passed through this school, produced numerous graduates of Arabic language that have scattered across the globe.